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ABT Video Z-Time04 Red Hook Pier

Victor Paul and Phil on the Red Hook pier. Talking about the challenge on dealing with Bart. Red Hook Pier 01 Red Hook Pier 02

ABT Video Z-Time04 Steph Production Meeting

Steph meets with Paul and Phil to discuss making a video about a scene from David Foster Wallace’s book Infinite Jest., but instead tells them she plans to leave town.

ABT Video Z-Time01 010100

This is the first of 4 video elements for Z-Time. Completed in the winter of the year 2000. The piece combines footage of Yeltsin stepping down December 31, 1999 and the introduction to the World of Vladamir Putin. It also includes clips of investigation into the deterioration of Russia’s nuclear waste, that was being stored […]

ABT Video Z-Time04 Hampton Tour

Bart, Victor and Phil spend the day touring potential mansions for Bart. Tour 1 is the “Tear Down Love Shack” Hamptons Tour 01 Hamptons Tour 02 Hamptons Tour 03

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